Something’s missing..

e78e1a68a7d5d5ec8633e3925f49bd46Ever get that feeling? Technically, you might have everything going for you but do you get this feeling sometimes..can’t say exactly what it is…but something seems missing?

To begin with, know that it is completely normal and there are millions of others across the globe who feel the same way at different points in life.

That being said, then what is it? What is missing? And more importantly, how do you find out what is missing?

Unfortunately, the Math that I studied at school and college did not have a formula to find ‘x’, where ‘x’ is the missing factor to complete happiness. The funny thing is, that many of us start on this quest as if we have morphed into Sherlock Holmes, in search of the missing ‘x’. We do all kinds of things – depending on whether you are a man or a woman reading this – things range from bungee jumping to river rafting to refreshing your wardrobe to coloring your hair and the list goes on and gets crazier, as you know!

And then, what happens? We feel something is changing, yes, we are so close to finding ‘x’ and then we realize that we are back from where we started, with ‘x’ still missing. In fact, by not finding ‘x’, we have further complicated our lives and convinced ourselves that the pursuit of ‘x’ is tougher than we thought and some of us tend to try even crazier things at this point.

And then what happens? It goes on and on and on in a loop..till one day…maybe some day..hopefully some day soon…we realize…either as a Eureka moment or through our reading or our religious pursuits or through some other way..that there is no ‘x’. That in fact, ‘x’ is just like the new Pokemon Go – we create it, we catch it and we think we have caught it but it is not there. It never was. It never will be. It is augmented reality. Augmented by our mind. To make things exciting. To make us believe that there is excitement in life, somewhere, out there. no ‘x’, no Pokemon, no Santa Claus? I know..not fun. However, that still leaves us with ‘What is missing?’. If there is no ‘x’, then what is missing?

So, here is the thing. What is missing is exactly this, it is nothing. We have everything we need. Well, if you are reading this blogpost, then I can safely say that you have everything that you need to live happily on this planet. We just want to believe that we are incomplete. We are perhaps raised to believe that things or people complete us. When I have a…then, I will be happy. When I get a…then, I will be happy. When I…well..keep waiting..the clock is ticking..and ‘x’ is still not be found. It never will be.

So here it is. Nothing is missing from your life. You are complete. Your life is complete. You do not need anything or anyone to be happy. So give up the search for ‘x’. Be one with ‘x’ for it has always been and continues to be within you at all times. Cherish each moment you are alive. Who knows how many you have left?


My life designer

design-your-lifeOver the past years, I have often found myself wanting more – wanting to spend more time with some people, wanting to spend more time with myself, doing the things I have wanted to do and I have repeatedly denied myself those opportunities, with the convenient chart topper excuse – time!

Heard yourself saying this – ‘you know what – I would really love to..if only I had more time’? Here is the news – time stays – where it is – as much as there is. The only thing that can change is what we do with it.

The bulk of our life is spent sleeping, we spend loads of our time studying when we are young (for kids like me – I know some of the readers could be exceptions – and I think you have already got it, then!), we spend most time working when we are older – all the while, wanting to achieve something. So what did we achieve? A life which gets in the way of living everyday?

I looked at my life – I tried looking at various chunks – months, years, days – none of the chunks seemed appealing enough as some of the moments which had fit in by chance. The life that I was living everyday, did not seem as if it was designed by me or really anyone if you ask me! Was I really that bad at design? Or did I never think about designing it? Did I just live it by default all this while? Who was my life designer? My parents? My friends? Oh, I know – nobody! No wonder, then, here I am, with all these components floating around, the picture looking a bit awry, if you ask me.

So, well – here is what I am going to do. I am going to design my life. The way I want it to be. I am my life designer. What stops you from being yours again..did you use the chart topping excuse again? 🙂