Choose to have fun!

DChitwoodWhenYouHaveFunAs we recover from the aftermath of the festivities around us and gear up to deal with more, it is perhaps, an opportune time for us to reflect on the feelings and emotions that we go through as we celebrate. Many of us find ourselves in a situation where we believe we have to attend a party, even though we know it is really not going to be fun. These might be parties at work or social gatherings with the relatives whom we don’t really connect with much at all. Let us dwell on these for a bit, keeping in mind my interpretation of the fundamental principle of life, which says that, in every situation, we have a choice. If we do decide that being somewhere would be an utter waste of our time and effort and we would rather spend time doing something else, perhaps it might be wiser to politely decline and to be done with it. What a great opportunity that opens up for us – we can plan to do something we have wanted to do for ages and get really creative with that time. Should we, however, lose the reasoning battle with ourselves and the people around us who matter, we might need to consider engaging in some self-talk. Back to the principle – we do have a choice. We can go to the party wallowing in self-pity, feeling a misfit and not end up happy (just like we had known and hence, planned) or, we can decide to have a great time even before we land up there. Visualization is a great tool in helping sportsmen gear up for victory and it does apply really well in day-to-day life too. Here’s how: Imagine that you will have a great time and start from there. Work your way backwards – to have a great time, what do I need to do? Look good, for sure. Go on, indulge yourself – get creative with what you wear. What about who I take along? Pick someone who will ensure you will have fun. You can always seek permission to bring a friend along – try it. Think about how you would want to engage with people, what would you want to talk about? Has there been something on your mind you want to know more about or is there something you are dying to tell someone? Is there someone you know who might be in the least bit interesting, whom you could consider talking to? And really, this does not imply planning for a flirtation but it could really just be a simple act of thoughtful networking. Find out more about what a couple of women whom you can connect with might be up to. Find out more about the recipes of the food you like. The point being – do whatever it takes – but make it a fun time for yourself. You can decide to have fun, even before you land up somewhere. Give it a shot! Cheers! This blogpost is a reproduction of my column ‘Her Point of You’ published in SHE section of The Goan ( If you are going through change or have been planning some kind of change in your life, coaching can help you. A coach works with you to help you move from point A to point B, ensuring that you hold yourself accountable for your progress. If you would like to know more about coaching and experience a trial coaching session, contact me via my website ( Coaching works. Try it.


Fun @ Work

make-work-funThis post goes out to all the people out there who push themselves everyday to get out of bed and to do things which they truly find hateful. I have certainly been one of them at some point.

Things we hate doing could include – ‘going to work’ where just the commute is maddening and completely draining or ‘being at work’ – surrounded by a bunch of people who really don’t seem to make much sense in general (that’s what we think, it does not necessarily mean they are incapable of making sense :)), or perhaps ‘managing a business that seems to be going down the drain’ or ‘managing a house which seems to be falling apart’ due to a zillion pending things or ‘changing a baby’s diapers and feeding a baby’ (those of you who might disagree or say that you love doing this day in and day out, well..please do share your secrets with all other mothers :)) or ‘cooking meals’ all day long!

We do sometimes, find ourselves thinking at the end of each day – is this who I really I am? Is this why I studied xyz? Is this what I thought my dream life would be? Well..guess what…this is the life you have chosen for yourself. Think about it – taking up an offer, working with a company, choosing a role, having a baby – you had a choice each time. It is hence, important, to accept the choices we have made and to find ways to make them work.

So how can you make your commute to work exciting? You know best actually – do a car pool…find a person to talk to and save fuel maybe; listen to some audio casts which are about things you are really passionate about; listen to your favorite songs maybe (which means download them and remember to play them:)) or think of something else which makes you happy, which you can do without compromising on road safety, that is. Come to think about it, you can make anything exciting – you just need to be a bit creative or ask a few folks you know – what would you do to have fun while…get some fresh ideas – it helps.

The point is, each day, we have a choice. You live each day only once. So what can you do differently, with the day I have, to make it work for you and to be happy?  How can you bring fun and relaxation into the activities which you find irritating yet are critical to do?

Choose to have fun while you work. You know you have to do it anyways. Might as well have some fun while you are at it!