Be_StrongHELP – a four letter word, one that I have known so many to shy away from.

For some of us, asking for help is admitting our weakness or inability to solve our own problems. Our ego gets in the way and we want to believe that we are perfectly capable of solving our own problems. The good news is that it is true. Each of us is in fact, very capable of solving our problems. The bad news is, not many of us are able to do so, alone. Asking for help is really, the best thing we can do to move towards solving our problem.

What kind of help are we talking about? All kinds, really. A mother asking her child to help her in keeping the child’s room organized is a good example of asking for help. It engages the child and inculcates a sense of responsibility and pride in the child. The mother might feel lesser of a victim and less burdened with household chores.

A person asking his / her significant other for an opinion about a work situation is asking for help. Getting a different perspective can only help in finding a solution.

A professional or an entrepreneur asking a colleague to share how he / she would have dealt with a seemingly complex business decision is really asking for help.

These might seem very simplistic examples but the interesting thing is, many of us, choose to take our problems and worries to bed with us and shy away from asking for help.

Most times, we don’t really think that people around us might understand our situation or be willing to offer their thoughts. The fact is, we have already made up our minds that our situation is helpless and we are quick to give up.

Agreed that not everyone is equipped to solve our problems though there are many people we know, whom we have just not considered reaching out to. Think about that one relative who has always made sense to you or been your role model. Think about that long lost friend who you know has always been willing to help. Think about your colleagues at work, the ones you look up to. What stops you from asking for help? What is the worst that could happen? Would it be worse than not being able to solve it?

Choose to ask for help. Sharing is a great stress-buster. Believe that someone in the universe around you, has an answer to your problem and is waiting for you to reach out.

Not sure whom to approach? Try coaching. You might not get the solution to your problem but you would certainly be able to find the path ahead. To book a trial session, email me at