Woman, wife, mother. In that order

1How about we focus on our original avataar – the woman within. Remember when we were single, not working and passionate about things like dancing, music, books, etc? Remember how every day was an adventure? Slowly, the adventure gave way to routine – at home and at work and before we knew it, we were stuck in the same old routine.

Somewhere along this journey, the arrival of a baby promised new adventures –unknown, challenging, exciting and sometimes, even scary. Discovering the unknown and unexpected every day is taxing. But then, that’s what motherhood is about and before we realise it, we have crossed that bridge and moved into the land of motherhood. Seemingly well-established and unexciting routines give way to chaos. Systems give way to unpredictability. Adventure it is, albeit a very intense one and other things, one of which is the woman within, takes a backseat. It is these unfulfilled desires that start to pile up. At the beginning, it is a small pile, neatly laid out. Then it starts growing and soon turns in to an untidy pile of unfulfilled dreams, desires and tasks in no particular order. So much so that we decide to lock them up so nobody would see the mess. Not even us. Most of all, us.

What surfaces is a house-maker, a loving mother, a devoted wife, multi-tasking beyond her best ability. It is the making of a new superwoman – only this time, with a baby and a pile of unfulfilled, unsorted wishes that range from an evening of peace and quiet to going out to a party or simply wanting to work again.