Dealing with the Deal

having_control_over-107526I write this blog today with a very mixed set of emotions. I went to visit a friend of mine in the hospital who, I learned only during my conversation with her, had tried to commit suicide.

While I do deal with shocks in a seemingly calm manner most times, I do spend a lot of time thinking about the associated whys and the what ifs.

On my way back, I was thinking about the person I used to know and the events that had transpired in her life which might have led her to take such an action. Nothing I could think of, no reason, could justify her actions except the fact that she had perhaps chosen to pass her turn instead of dealing with what was in hand.

We all get a deal in life, don’t we? We start there. We choose how to play our cards. We choose what we want to do amidst the situations we find ourselves in. Those situations may or may not be in our control but what we choose to do with them, most certainly is.

It takes guts to commit to dealing with all the deals life has to offer. If there is anything worth our time, effort and energy, this is it. Not the investments we need to make or the new things money can buy, but dealing with our deals.

We all have the power to turn things around or to start looking at life from a different perspective any time we want. In fact, who knows, that might be one of the reasons people looking for meaning in life end up going to mountain tops instead of from under the sea. The top puts things in perspective – shows you the possibilities and what the world has to offer you.

Choose to deal with life. We do, after all, live only once.

Thoughtful Trust

CoveyTrustQuoteOver time, I have come to realize and come to terms with a deep rooted make or break factor in relationships – good old trust! It is easy to take the higher ground and say we should trust people but I have often found many people, starting their interactions with ‘Prove to me you are trustworthy’ even when they begin talking to a person for the first time.

While the intent is not to get back to being naive and not to do away with one’s discretion, the fact is that very few people succeed in genuinely making others believe that they start with trusting people.

I found a simple way of living and demonstrating trust. Whenever I meet someone new, I first have a small conversation with myself in my mind. I remind myself that ‘this person I am meeting is unique and has his / her own experiences which have made him / her into the person that I am experiencing. Nothing is good or bad about this person. I have no judgements. Just trust. I trust in the universe. I am meeting this person for a reason and this person has something to offer to me as I might have to offer this person in return. I may not know what that is now or ever. What is important is for me to maintain my trust and let things unfold.’

And they do. Surprisingly! But yes, they do.

People who have helped me and who have not, have both intersected my life for a reason. Those who have not helped me or hindered me or pulled me down, have, in fact, helped by not helping.

What a lovely place the world can be if we all choose to start with trust. Do your bit. Choose to trust and watch life’s best come your way!