The ‘Sparkle’ test

the-meaning-of-life-is-to-find-your-gift-tthe-purpose-of-life-is-to-give-it-awayI remember so many times when I had an idea (some people call me an idea box;)) and I would tell people about it, I would have a sparkle in my eyes and I would be all excited about a new possibility. Very often, when I did not quite get repeated enthusiastic reaction, the sparkle would fade away and I would just shelve the idea like many others. This had become a habit with me until recently – in my new world, I discovered that something in me is making my eyes sparkle everyday. Naturally, others around me see it too. The best thing about this, is that it is an idea larger than myself or an organization I may have worked for. It is something that touches many, many people whom I may not even know in ways I may not even be able to imagine.

It is something that makes me want to make a difference every day.  I have a life purpose, a new meaning, which continues to enthuse me every day.

Choose to find your life purpose. Only you can find it for yourself. Choose to sparkle!