No? Really?

justsaynoWe have tons of people around us and would have found ourselves in multiple situations when someone just turned around and said ‘No’. ‘No’ to anything, most times, is just looking out of your door eye and deciding not to open the door. Till date, this continues to be the word I have the most disconnect with.

Saying ‘No’, to me, simply means ‘I am unable to imagine beyond this peripheri’ or ‘I don’t have the time to think about options’ or ‘I don’t think I like you enough to not say a No yet’.

I just don’t get it. What is the purpose of existence of this word? In a world so full of possibilities, in a world where we need innovation more than ever, it is such a limiting perspective to have. It is, however, the sad truth. No is a word, and will continue to be.

The question is, do you choose to use it? Why?


Centripetal vs Centrifugal living

positive-energyI was reminded of Physics today when I thought about how we, as people, tend to only focus the world around ‘our’ needs and ‘our’ wants and ‘our’ expectations. We like to receive rather than give. I call this centripetal living. Changing this way of living would mean an opposite force, which would need to emanate from within us and would need to be stronger than the force that the outside world exerts on us. I think there is something so powerful about thinking of ourselves as centrifugal force beings because that means we are the force that is governing our lives. Choose your energy to be from within yourself to outside yourself. Surround yourself with positive energies which help you maintain a healthy inflow and sustenance of your inner energies. What a wonderful world we can all make for ourselves!

What did you learn from 2011 that you’ll change in 2012?

clock-beachI learnt that if I want to get what I want, I first need to take a step back and write down what I want.

To get what I want, I need to make some changes in life. I cannot expect to get what I want in bits and pieces. That would not work for me.

For me to live a wholesome life, I need to get what I want in its fullness. I need to make that happen.

2012 is my year of change. It is my year of saying – I want my life to change and change I will!


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What I am is What I Choose

Be Happy first!

TFGL6For those of us who pride in being able to handle so many things for so many people, in trying to be super beings, deep down inside, we do know that we have really not spent an adequate amount of time in making our ‘happiness’ a reality.

It is true that we believe others are important but it is also true that we cannot truly spread happiness if we are not happy ourselves. It does take courage to say ‘I am first for some time’ and that ‘I am my top most priority for now’.

Choose to define your happiness first. Create happiness for yourself first. Be happy first.

The amazing people around us!

quote-the-real-meaning_14762-4There is this phase in life that we go through when we are young and not so wise, when we think that people around us don’t really match up to our expectations in some form or another.

It is only when we grow up and meet one fantastic person after another that we begin to realise that every person has some greatness about them.

Each person we know or choose not to know, is amazing. We just need to make time, know them a bit more and bask in the greatness that surrounds us. If only we were to recognise people for who they are and who they can be much earlier in life..we would end up learning so much more and would have been so much wiser!

From myself to someone else

7136532121_642f7bda64Typically when we are feeling low and think that nothing seems to be working out, what we don’t realise is that we are being extremely self centered. What helps in regaining perspective is to help out someone else instead. That someone else could be a stranger or someone you know and in order to help that person, we do need to be up and about, on our feet, thinking about their problems and their issues and that often helps us move out of the self centered zone. It is a great way of finding our inner strength which we might have thought we had lost somewhere.

Try it out. Choose to look out for others. Change your perspective. Move the center of your energies for a while. It need not be you all the time.

Master or slave to time?

SlaveToTimeFinal2I used to be proud of the fact that I was able to handle so many things at the same time – I still can, but I chose not be proud of it anymore. I realised it made me a slave to time and my day was fragmented into 5 min pieces as a result of which I hardly ever made the time to relish the day or the moments it had to offer. It has taken me a lot of time to figure out that while I was presumably the master of my time and was able to get a lot done in a day, I was really a slave of time. I choose to not be a slave anymore. It is liberating to think of my day as a whole and to then to identify things I would like to do and plan to do them during the day. It is like looking at time upside down. My time vs what the clock tells me 🙂 I love it. What do you think?