Pictures15Sometimes, in life, I have felt that I have crashed or that I am nearing a crashing point – physically, emotionally, mentally – you relate to the feeling too? I know…it is tough to keep smiling and to think about something that charges us up again at that point. I have found that sometimes, it is just best to let things be and to reboot yourself – pretty much! Just decide that it is not worth it being in the crash mode and that you need to get up and about for so many things that await you in the world.

Give life another chance. Choose to reboot. This comes to me at a great time I think when the year is getting to a close and new beginning awaits us – the moment is ours to create.

What is your reboot story like? I would love to hear it.

Happy New Year!

The belief closet

beliefsdriveorlimitI have recently been receiving coaching from a beliefs’ closet practitioner and I must say it is a phenomenal experience. Being able to think through our deepy held beliefs, being able to consciously discard them and replacing them with a new belief we create for ourselves, gives a huge sense of calm and happiness.

Here I was thinking that beliefs take a lifetime to change, maybe they do for most of us but having gone through this process, I stand corrected. It is possible to change our beliefs for a different life.

Choose to work on the beliefs that hold you back from becoming what you have always known you are capable of becoming.

Passer-by coaching

bookclub4The more I learn about coaching, the more I am fascinated by the various ways in which one can apply it. There is a process to coaching, for sure and we all do develop our methods and processes over time.

I cannot deny, however, the power of moments. There are so many moments in our lives, which remain unforgotten – we perhaps never give them a chance to become stories or perhaps we choose to bottle these special moments and preserve them for posterity so as to not make them any less special.

It could be an insightful comment made by a stranger which left you gaping or perhaps a small gesture by a person you least expected it from. It could be a one off conversation you had with a stranger on a bus or a plane ride. It is something about these moments that is special.

If life is nothing but a series of many, many moments, how wonderful would it be to think of how we could coach people who pass us by.

I would call that passer-by coaching. Choose to get coached. Choose to coach. Seize the moment.

Be thankful

Thankful Chalkboard SignI was part of a discussion yesterday and I found myself talking about how I started being thankful. It is strange that I realised that situations or circumstances in my life had to shape up in a manner to make me thankful – that it was not something that I was doing everyday, by default.

We complain more and are upset more and are unhappy more when we are not thankful. Being grateful for everything we have, for what we have been through and for what we don’t have, often changes the way we look at life, every moment.

I was inspired by a quote I recently read – this was posted by a fellow student of the coaching certification I am pursuing. Thank you, Andrea, for posting this. I am taking the liberty of including in this blog which was inspired by this very post.

“Let us rise up and be thankful,
for if we didn’t learn a lot,
at least we learned a little,
and if we didn’t learn a little,
at least we didn’t get sick,
and if we got sick,
at least we didn’t die;
so, let us all be thankful.”

Choose to be grateful. Everyday.

Be an inspiration.

image21I often find myself looking for inspiration in others – in nature, in organizations, in people around me and I had a few minutes to think about inspiration in a different way – just thinking of being an inspiration was an interesting thought.

Being an inspiration makes one look inwards rather than look outwards.

Choose to inspire.

Are you driven by just by today or just by tomorrow or both?

ba72afbede5dcc16f11483a0b45d8e86It is lovely to be able to savour every moment of today that life has to offer to us. It is, however, natural to worry about tomorrow – think about our future, how life would be and so on. We can prepare ourselves for the tomorrow that awaits us by plugging ourselves into the future while being rooted to today. For a parent, this would mean, if your child is young, instead of thinking and hoping that your child will ‘become’ something or someone that you fancy when he / she grows up, prepare yourself by reading up how the world is advancing so you are better prepared for what your child might choose to do. It is estimated that one third of all ten year olds will begin work in a job that has not yet been invented. Are you prepared for what awaits you? Choose to prepare.

Don’t let the moment pass..

b6974c6e25e7a298a77a65c8906fd9fcI will not believe you if you tell me you have never been in a situation when you really wanted to do something or say something and just kept thinking about it..’I wish..’

I have been in many such situations myself. A friend once told me – if you don’t try it, how would you know?

It is so true. How would we know how life could be, if we don’t do what our heart tells us to do at that moment…we just let the moment pass…thinking that we should give it some more time or thought..plan a bit more..but then the moment passes..and sometimes never comes back. Seize the moment. It may never come back.

Go for it!