The Window

don't give up4A window opens everytime a door closes – I have so many times found myself looking keenly to find a window as sometimes, they may not be where you expect them to be.  I have been through experiences which have made me believe that I have reached a dead end as the door that used to be open, all this while, closed on me when I was least expecting it. It is important to not give up and not believe that you have reached an end. It is up to you to choose to want to look for a window of new opportunity. You are what you choose. Don’t give up. Hang in there.

Recognise that we have a choice

choice2Many times, we get stuck in situations, or believe that we are stuck in situations because we believe we do not have a choice. What is very likely is that we are blissfully unaware of our choices and have made ourselves believe that we have no choice.

The truth is, we have chosen to be in the situation we are by not thinking of other options as alternatives.

It is liberating to know that we have choices in life – in everything that we do – wherever we are.

I read somewhere recently – we choose our experiences much before we go through them – I could not agree more.

Listen to your inner voice and what it tells you. Spend time with yourself. Alone. It is not easy sometimes but it is important. Go for a walk. Sit by yourself. Meditate. Be aware. Live consciously.